Jai Ho Movie Review

jai ho movie review


What all can you expect from a Salman Khan starrer these days?? Action , good romance , weak story, a strong soul and above all the presence of Salman Khan. For all the millions of fans everything else seems to be irrelevant when Salman is on screen and they flock in huge numbers to ring the box office. No matter what the critics may have to say about him the value of their opinion is equal to that of a clerk in a board meeting. Jai Ho showcases nothing else but Salman Khan and is does that very purely. Director knows that nothing else matters and he has put Salman to make the movie bearable.


Story :-

Remake of the Telugu movie Stalin, Jai Ho is a story of a young honest Army Officer Jai Agnihotri who is suspended from his duty for not obeying to the orders of the Ministry. Jai who now works in a garage is not able to attach himself to the cruel reality of the world and tries to help anyone he can and requests them to help three people and ask those three people to again help more three people. Through this chain Jai tries to change the society and make the nation a better place to live in. But in the mean time he and his family is faced by a powerful corrupt politician and Jai fights alone against all odds to save himself and his family. Later on in the movie it shows that the people whom he had earlier helped come to his rescue and that what he started is coming back to benefit him. Supported by his Elder sister Geeta who supports him through all ups and downs.


Performances :-

Salman Khan – He is what he is. He is a Genre in himself and a brand in himself. When Salman Khan turns up on screen nothing else matters. If you are sitting in a Multilpex or a Single screen, you will feel Salmania everywhere. The whistles, claps and howls will tell you what this man holds. Talking about Jai Ho specifically, there is nothing else in the movie worth even a minute except for Salman. He tries to put a soul into Jai Agnihotri and makes you smile, cry or even fill you with adrenaline. He puts it together and holds it together throughout.

Daisy Shah – Another debutant in the long list of people Salman has generously launched in the film industry. Though she tries to act but as of now she is no where close to it and seems to be vane. Her role in the movie is just of Jai’s girlfriend and all that she has to do is be some comic fodder and sing songs with our hero. That’s all she is there to do.

Tabu – Tabu who is back on screen after a long time seems very dull. Though she is and has always been a superb actress she shows it yet again as the elder sister and support pillar of Jai. She sticks with her brother and holds all the family together as her brother brings change in the society.

There are lot more characters in the movie which don’t really have much work but are kept in the movie. Every actor which you may see is either new or is seen after a very long time. Which means that except Salman, Tabu and Danny Denzongpa you may not know and may not even remember after the movie. Suniel Shetty also gives a guest appearance but I must say a rather powerful one.

Direction and Script :-

Sohail Khan who directs Jai Ho is hard to believe that he is the same person who gave us Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya but him giving Hello Brother is much more believable. There is no novelty, imagination or substance in his direction. What all he does is exhibits Salman Khan in a new avatar with good action and it seems that whenever he is not able to hold the movie or handle it he puts Salman Khan in front. There I nothing else in the movie. Nothing strong from the director. And if Salman taken out this movie would have been a migraine.

Script is written by A.R. Murugadoss. The script is well intentioned and well written but overall it is too weak and too good to be true. It’s heart is in the right place but the mental labour gone in writing this seems to be missing.


Final Verdict:-

Watch it strictly for Salman Khan and the message he gives as it is very noble, practical or not may be another issue. But if you are Salman Khan there is no need of practicality. We as audience want to say to Salman in his own words “ Do whatever you want to do Man”. The three stars I am giving shall divided as two stars for Salman and one star for the message.


Rating:- ***

Actors :- Salman Khan as Jai Agnihotri

Daisy Shah as Rinky

Tabu as Geeta Agnihotri

Danny Denzongpa as Dashrath Singh


Director:- Sohail Khan

Music by:- Sajid – Wajid , Himmesh Reshammiya and Armaan Malik





Trailer :-



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